New Client Survey

A survey designed to understand the expectations and preferences of new clients for better service delivery.

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About this template

The New Client Survey is structured to gain insights into the motivations, expectations, and concerns of newly onboarded clients. Such feedback is invaluable for businesses looking to enhance their onboarding processes and ensure smooth collaborations.

Starting with understanding the source of the client’s discovery can help in optimising marketing efforts and tracking the most efficient channels. Subsequently, understanding the key factors that influenced their decision to partner can guide improvements in service or product presentation.

Capturing the primary expectations clients have can help align service delivery to meet and hopefully exceed those expectations. Being open to receiving initial concerns ensures you address potential hitches early in the collaboration, ensuring smoother operations.

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) question gauges the client’s initial sentiment towards recommending your service. While they are still new, a positive initial NPS can indicate you are doing things right from the outset. Conversely, a lower score can be an early indicator to delve deeper and understand any potential concerns.

Concluding with a note of appreciation fosters goodwill and sets a positive tone for the budding business relationship. Remember, the initial stages of any client relationship are crucial. This survey helps in ensuring you’re on the right track.

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