Passenger Satisfaction Survey

A comprehensive survey designed to evaluate and enhance the passenger experience in the transportation industry.

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About this template

This Passenger Satisfaction Survey template is carefully crafted to gather feedback from passengers in the transportation industry. The main aim is to evaluate and improve passenger experience. The survey starts with a CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) question, which is a simple yet effective way to gauge overall customer sentiment towards your service.

The reason for starting with a CSAT question is that it’s straightforward and doesn’t require much thought from the respondent. This makes it more likely that they will continue with the survey. After the CSAT question, a textarea input is used to allow passengers to elaborate on the reason behind their rating, offering more detailed insights.

Next, a single-select question is used to understand what aspect of the service passengers value the most. This provides direction on what areas to maintain or improve upon. The options include Punctuality, Comfort, Customer Service, Cleanliness, and Value for Money.

An NPS (Net Promoter Score) question follows, measuring the willingness of customers to recommend the services to others. This is a key indicator of customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Finally, a conditional textarea input is included, triggered if the NPS score is 6 or lower. This allows the collection of additional comments or suggestions, specifically from those who rated the service lower, giving you valuable insights into where improvements can be made.

The survey concludes with a thank you message, showing appreciation for the respondent’s time and feedback. Remember to take action on the feedback gathered to improve passenger experience and satisfaction.

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