Patient Satisfaction Survey

This survey aims to gather feedback from patients about their overall satisfaction and experience with healthcare services.

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About this template

The Patient Satisfaction Survey is a useful tool for any healthcare provider looking to evaluate and improve their services. This specific template focuses on understanding the patients’ satisfaction and their likelihood to recommend the service.

The survey begins with a Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) question (‘How would you rate your overall satisfaction with the service you received?’). This metric is vital as it gives a general overview of the patient’s sentiment towards the provided service. The CSAT rating is based on a scale of smiley faces, making it visually intuitive and easy to respond to.

A conditional question follows the CSAT question. This question (‘Can you elaborate on why you gave the above rating?’) appears if the patient gives a rating of 3 or below (on a scale of 5). This conditional response mechanism allows for gathering specific feedback from patients who may not have had an optimal experience, enabling healthcare providers to better understand and address the areas where they may be lacking.

Next, a single-select question (‘How likely are you to recommend our healthcare services to a friend or family member?’) measures the patients’ likelihood to advocate for the service. This question gives an indication of the patients’ trust and confidence in the service.

Finally, a thank you message wraps up the survey, emphasising gratitude for the patient’s time and feedback. It’s important to make respondents feel appreciated, thereby increasing the likelihood of their participation in future surveys.

By using this template, healthcare providers can gather actionable insights to continually refine and enhance their service, ensuring they meet and exceed patient expectations.

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