Post Meeting Survey

A survey designed to capture attendees' feedback after a meeting, ensuring future sessions are more productive and engaging.

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General Purpose

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About this template

The Post Meeting Survey is tailored to obtain feedback from attendees after a meeting or session. Gaining insights from attendees is paramount for refining the structure, content, and delivery of future meetings.

Starting with a CSAT question, attendees provide an overall rating for the meeting. Subsequently, Likert scale questions are posed to gather nuanced feedback on specifics, such as the clarity of objectives and the efficiency of the meeting’s conduct.

A key feature is the conditional question: if attendees felt a particular topic warranted more discussion, they are prompted to specify. This feedback is crucial as it provides a direct line to the participants’ preferences and areas they deem significant.

Utilisation tips:

  • Distribute the survey shortly after the meeting to capture fresh insights.
  • Tailor the survey, especially if your meetings have unique objectives or formats.
  • Use the feedback to inform the agenda, format, and content of future meetings. Regularly revisiting and updating the survey based on changes in meeting structure or objectives can yield more relevant insights.

Remember, the objective is to enhance the effectiveness and productivity of meetings, and attendee feedback is invaluable in this endeavour.

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