Survey Questionnaire

A versatile questionnaire designed to gather comprehensive feedback across various touchpoints or events.

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About this template

The Survey Questionnaire is a versatile feedback collection tool crafted to be suitable for various scenarios - be it post-event feedback, service evaluations, or general experience sharing. This comprehensive questionnaire ensures you gather a broad spectrum of feedback that can inform your future actions and strategies.

Starting with a star-rating question, this template allows respondents to provide an immediate, overall assessment of their experience. The subsequent open-ended questions give them the opportunity to elaborate on what they particularly liked or felt could be improved. The thumbs feedback and the NPS (Net Promoter Score) gauge both the respondent’s personal sentiment and their likelihood to promote your service to others.

When deploying this template, remember to position it at key touchpoints where feedback is most relevant. This might be post-event, after a purchase, or after any significant interaction. Data from this survey, when reviewed regularly, can offer profound insights into areas of excellence and potential improvement.

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