Project Feedback Form

Gather feedback from stakeholders about a completed project.

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About Project Feedback Form

The Project Feedback Form is designed to gather feedback from stakeholders about a completed project. It allows you to understand their satisfaction level, identify achievements and challenges, and gather suggestions for future improvement. By collecting feedback, you can evaluate the success of the project and make informed decisions for future projects.

Project Feedback Form Questions

  1. Name: Collect the name of the stakeholder providing feedback.
  2. Role: Understand the stakeholder’s role in the project.
  3. Overall Satisfaction: Rate the overall satisfaction with the project outcome on a scale of 1 to 10.
  4. Major Achievements: Identify the major achievements of the project.
  5. Challenges: Capture the challenges faced during the project.
  6. Goal Alignment: Measure the extent to which the project met the original goals and objectives using a Likert scale.
  7. Improvements: Gather suggestions for future project improvements.

Feel free to customize the form to fit your specific project requirements and goals.

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