Loss Control Survey

A survey aimed at identifying factors leading to potential business losses and implementing measures to mitigate them.

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About this template

The Loss Control Survey is designed to dig deep into the root causes of potential business losses, be it financial, operational, or reputational. This is vital for businesses to detect, address, and mitigate risks in their operations.

The survey begins by pinpointing the main causes of inefficiencies or losses within a department. This broad view gives a general idea of where most challenges lie. We then delve deeper, asking respondents about any personal encounters with loss incidents. This question is two-fold: it gauges the prevalence of such incidents and, if the respondent has witnessed one, provides a space for detailed feedback. Such firsthand accounts can be a goldmine of insights.

Lastly, a question that seeks opinions on preventive measures embraces the collective intelligence of the workforce. Employees often have practical, actionable ideas that can be instrumental in preventing future losses.

To make the most of this template, ensure anonymity to encourage candid feedback. The results can be invaluable in informing loss control strategies and improving overall operational efficiency.

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