Business Survey

An all-inclusive survey tailored to gather insightful data on business operations, customer satisfaction, and growth prospects.

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General Purpose

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About this template

The Business Survey is meticulously constructed to procure feedback from stakeholders concerning overall business operations, challenges, and areas of growth. Stakeholder insights are crucial, enabling businesses to fine-tune strategies and align better with market demands.

The survey commences with a CSAT question, assessing general satisfaction with the business direction, setting the tone for subsequent inquiries. A pivotal question then follows, probing into any operational challenges perceived by the respondent. The use of conditional logic allows for a seamless flow, prompting elaboration only when challenges are acknowledged.

Understanding the market fit of products or services is crucial, and this survey directly addresses that aspect. The inclusion of an NPS question is key in gauging stakeholder loyalty and the likelihood of them promoting the business in their network.

The stack-ranking element provides a unique opportunity to understand prioritisation from a stakeholder’s perspective. It aids in discerning which business areas might need immediate attention over others.

Utilisation tips:

  • Adapt questions to reflect industry-specific challenges or areas of interest.
  • Ensure timely distribution post-major business events, product launches, or strategic shifts for the most relevant feedback.
  • Conduct regular analysis to turn feedback into actionable insights and growth strategies.

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