Vendor Survey

A comprehensive survey designed to evaluate the performance and suitability of vendors.

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About this template

The Vendor Survey is an essential tool for businesses aiming to nurture and strengthen their vendor relationships. Partnering with vendors isn’t just about sourcing products or services; it’s about establishing a two-way feedback mechanism.

Starting with an NPS (Net Promoter Score) question helps you gauge the likelihood of your vendor recommending you as a trustworthy partner. This metric, widely used for customer feedback, is equally insightful when applied to vendor relations. A high score suggests good vendor partnership health, while a low score might indicate concerns that need immediate attention.

The textarea questions let vendors express their opinions in-depth, shedding light on specifics behind their NPS score and areas of improvement. This qualitative data can be invaluable, offering actionable insights.

The multi-select question provides an overview of your company’s strengths from a vendor’s perspective. It identifies what you’re doing right and which areas resonate positively with your partners.

Lastly, the thumbs question offers a quick, binary feedback mechanism, making it easy for vendors to express if they’d endorse your company to others.

In conclusion, by incorporating these questions, businesses can gain a holistic understanding of their vendors’ experience, making it possible to fortify partnerships and foster long-term collaboration.

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