Satisfaction Survey

An all-encompassing survey tailored to capture feedback on overall satisfaction from services or products offered.

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About this template

The Satisfaction Survey template is expertly crafted to gather valuable feedback on the overall satisfaction levels of customers with respect to the products or services availed. Regardless of the industry, comprehending customer sentiments is fundamental for growth and improvement.

Initiating with a CSAT question, this survey promptly gauges the customer’s overall satisfaction. The subsequent questions, driven by the initial CSAT score, are tailored to delve into the specifics of what was liked or areas where enhancements are required. The versatility of this approach ensures a structured and efficient way to collect feedback.

Moreover, the Net Promoter Score (NPS) offers a holistic view of the likelihood of customers recommending the products/services to peers. This is an excellent metric to understand overall customer loyalty and satisfaction.

The Likert scale, a favourite in the feedback domain, allows customers to express their agreement or disagreement on specific statements, offering more granularity than binary choices.

How to get the best results with this template:

  • Customize the survey to fit the precise nuances of your products or services.
  • The sooner the survey is shared post-purchase or service experience, the better, as the experience remains fresh.
  • Engage in periodic reviews of the feedback collected to identify trends, areas of improvement, and strengths to capitalise on.

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