Customer Churn Survey

This survey is designed to understand the reasons behind customer churn and identify areas of improvement to increase customer retention.

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About Customer Churn Survey Template

This template is designed to help businesses understand why their customers are leaving and identify areas for improvement. It allows you to collect valuable feedback from departing customers and use it to enhance your customer retention strategies. The template includes a range of question types, including text input, single and multiple-choice selections, and a Net Promoter Score (NPS) question to gauge the likelihood of the customer recommending your services.

Customer Churn Survey Questions

The questions in this survey are carefully chosen to gain insights into the reasons behind customer churn. The first question asks for the customer’s name and email, which are important for record-keeping and follow-up actions. The NPS question measures the customer’s overall satisfaction and their likelihood to recommend your services. The open-ended question allows customers to express in their own words why they are leaving, providing rich qualitative data. The single and multiple-choice questions aim to understand whether the service quality met customers’ expectations and what areas they think need improvement. These questions are not set in stone and can be customised to suit your business needs. Remember, the key to reducing customer churn is acting on the feedback you receive.

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