Gym Facilities Feedback Form

Collect feedback from gym members about the facilities and services provided.

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About this template

This Gym Facilities Feedback Form is designed to help gym owners or managers collect valuable feedback from their members regarding the facilities and services provided. By understanding the members’ satisfaction levels and addressing their concerns, the gym can improve the overall customer experience.

Form Structure:

The form starts with a welcoming message to engage respondents. It includes several questions to gather specific feedback on different gym facilities. The form concludes with a gratitude message.

Question Breakdown:

  1. Overall Satisfaction Rating: This question asks respondents to rate their overall satisfaction with the gym facilities using a Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scale, represented by smiley faces.

  2. Specific Facility Selection: Here, respondents are asked to choose the particular gym facility they want to provide feedback on. This question is a single-select question with options such as Cardio Area, Weightlifting Area, Group Exercise Studio, Swimming Pool, and Locker Rooms.

  3. Cleanliness Rating: If a specific facility is selected in the previous question, this question appears. Respondents are asked to rate the cleanliness of the selected facility using a Likert scale ranging from Very Clean to Very Dirty.

  4. Improvement Suggestions: If the cleanliness rating is average or below, respondents are given an opportunity to suggest improvements for the selected facility using a textarea input field.

  5. Additional Facilities Feedback: In this question, respondents are asked if they want to provide feedback on any other gym facilities. They can respond with a thumbs-up or thumbs-down.

  6. Additional Comments: Respondents can share any additional comments or suggestions they have for the gym using a textarea input field.

Note: Personal or demographic questions are not included in this form to prioritize feedback collection related to the gym facilities. However, if personal data needs to be collected, it should be preceded by a message explaining the purpose and covering any requirements under privacy regulations.

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