Group Fitness Class Feedback Form

Gather feedback from participants about their experience in a group fitness class.

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About this template

This Group Fitness Class Feedback Form is designed to gather feedback from participants about their experience in a group fitness class. By collecting valuable insights and opinions, you can improve your fitness classes and provide a better customer experience.

Questions in the form:

  1. Overall Quality Rating: Participants rate the overall quality of the group fitness class using a Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scale. This question provides a general assessment of their satisfaction level.

  2. Enjoyment: Participants are asked to share what they enjoyed the most about the class. This open-ended question allows them to provide specific feedback and highlight positive aspects.

  3. Instructor Knowledge and Helpfulness: Participants indicate if the instructor was knowledgeable and helpful by selecting either a thumbs-up or thumbs-down option. This question helps assess the instructor’s performance and impact on participants’ experience.

  4. Cleanliness of the Facility: Participants rate the cleanliness of the fitness facility using a star-rating scale. This question provides insights into the facility’s hygiene standards and its impact on the overall experience.

  5. Likelihood to Recommend: Participants indicate their likelihood of recommending the group fitness class to others using a Net Promoter Score (NPS) scale. This question helps measure the class’s word-of-mouth potential and identifies potential brand advocates.

  6. Updates and Promotions: Participants are asked if they would like to receive updates about upcoming fitness classes and promotions. This question helps capture their interest in staying informed and engaged.

  7. Email Address (Conditional): If participants express interest in receiving updates, they have the option to provide their email address. This question allows you to collect contact information for future communications.

How to Use:

  1. Embed this form on your website or share it with participants via email after each group fitness class.
  2. Ensure participants understand the purpose of the form and encourage them to provide honest and constructive feedback.
  3. Review the feedback collected and identify areas for improvement. Use positive feedback to reinforce and highlight strengths in your marketing efforts.
  4. Take action based on the feedback received to enhance the overall quality of your group fitness classes.

Collecting feedback through this Group Fitness Class Feedback Form empowers you to make data-driven decisions and continuously enhance the customer experience. Thank your participants for their valuable feedback and let them know their opinions are valued.

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