Personal Fitness Assessment Feedback Form

Gather feedback on a personal fitness assessment to improve the fitness program and tailor it to individual needs.

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About this template

The Personal Fitness Assessment Feedback Form is designed to gather feedback from customers who have undergone a personal fitness assessment. The form aims to improve the fitness program and tailor it to individual needs based on the feedback received.

Form Introduction

The form begins with a message expressing gratitude for the participant’s involvement in the personal fitness assessment. It emphasizes the value of their feedback in enhancing the fitness program.

Overall Satisfaction

The first question in the form is a Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) question. It asks participants to rate their satisfaction with the overall personal fitness assessment experience. The CSAT question provides a simple and quick way to gauge overall satisfaction.

Instructor Rating

The next question utilizes a Likert scale to measure the professionalism and knowledge of the fitness instructors. Participants can choose from a range of options to rate the instructors’ performance.

Challenging Assessment

The form then asks participants if they found the fitness assessment challenging. If they answer ‘Yes,’ a message of appreciation is displayed, expressing gratitude for their response. If they answer ‘No,’ another message acknowledges their feedback and outlines plans to provide more engaging assessments in the future.

Additional Comments

Participants have the opportunity to provide any additional comments or suggestions in a text area. This open-ended question allows them to share specific insights that may not have been covered by the previous questions.

Form Conclusion

Finally, the form concludes with a message expressing gratitude for the participants’ completion of the personal fitness assessment feedback form. It acknowledges their time and input in shaping the fitness program.

By using the Personal Fitness Assessment Feedback Form, fitness organizations can gather valuable feedback, identify areas for improvement, and enhance the overall customer experience. The feedback obtained through this form helps fitness instructors and program managers make informed decisions and tailor their offerings to meet the needs and expectations of their customers.

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