Online Fitness Program Feedback Form

Gather feedback from participants of an online fitness program to improve the program and enhance customer experience.

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About this template

This Online Fitness Program Feedback Form is designed to collect valuable feedback from participants of an online fitness program. By gathering feedback, you can make informed decisions to improve your program, enhance customer experience, and increase customer satisfaction.

Form Structure:

  1. Introduction Message: The form begins with a message expressing gratitude to the participants and explaining the purpose of the feedback form.

  2. NPS Rating: Participants are asked to rate their overall satisfaction with the quality of the online fitness program using a scale of 1-10. This provides a quick measure of customer satisfaction.

  3. Likes and Improvements: Participants are given the opportunity to share what they liked most about the program and suggest areas for improvement. This open-ended question allows them to provide specific feedback.

  4. Achievement of Fitness Goals: Participants are asked whether they achieved their fitness goals through the online program. This helps you assess the program’s effectiveness.

  5. Reason for Not Achieving Goals (Conditional): If participants indicate that they didn’t achieve their fitness goals, they are asked to provide the reason why. This conditional question allows you to gather insights into the challenges they faced.

  6. Likelihood to Recommend: Participants rate their likelihood of recommending the online fitness program to others using a CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) scale. This helps measure the program’s potential for generating positive word-of-mouth.

  7. Suggestions for Improvement: Participants are invited to provide any suggestions or ideas to help improve the program further. This question encourages participants to share their innovative thoughts.

  8. Customer Support Satisfaction: Participants rate their overall satisfaction with the customer support provided by your team using a Likert scale. This allows you to gauge the quality of your support services.

  9. Future Program Usage: Participants indicate their likelihood of continuing to use the online fitness program in the future using a CSAT scale. This helps measure customer loyalty and retention.

  10. Contact Request (Conditional): Participants are asked whether they would like to be contacted regarding their feedback. If they answer affirmatively, they are prompted to provide their email address. This conditional question ensures you reach out to interested participants only.

  11. Thank You Message: The form concludes with a message expressing gratitude to the participants for their feedback.

Use this Online Fitness Program Feedback Form to gain insights into customer satisfaction, identify areas for improvement, and strengthen your online fitness program.

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