Gym Satisfaction Survey

This survey aims to measure members' satisfaction levels and gather feedback about gym facilities, trainers, and services.

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About this template

This Gym Satisfaction Survey template is designed to help gym owners and managers measure their members’ satisfaction levels, understand their experiences, and identify areas for improvement. It combines various question types to get a holistic view of the members’ experiences.

The survey starts with a Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) question to gauge the overall satisfaction level of the members. This is a simple and straightforward method to understand how well the gym is meeting its members’ expectations.

The survey then dives into specific aspects of the gym, such as equipment, trainers, classes, facilities, and atmosphere. It uses a single-select question type, asking members to choose the aspect they like the most. A conditional question follows this, asking for more detail, but only if they’ve chosen a specific aspect in the previous question. This helps to gather qualitative data on what is working well.

Next, the survey asks about areas for improvement. It uses a similar format as the previous set of questions - a single-select question followed by a free-text question. This structure allows the gym to gather actionable insights into what needs improvement.

Finally, the survey ends with a Net Promoter Score (NPS) question, to understand the members’ likelihood to recommend the gym to others, followed by a thank you message. This is a powerful question that can provide insights into customer loyalty and potential word-of-mouth promotion.

This survey is best used by gym owners or managers looking to understand their customers’ experiences, with the goal of improving their services and facilities. The findings from this survey can help inform strategies for customer retention and service improvement.

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