Member Satisfaction Survey

This survey aims to gather feedback from members to understand their level of satisfaction and areas for improvement.

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About this template

This Member Satisfaction Survey template is designed to gather feedback from members, aiming to understand their satisfaction level and identify areas for improvement. This survey is highly useful for any organisation that provides services to a membership base, such as clubs, societies, or subscription-based businesses.

The survey begins with a Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) question. This type of question is used to rate the respondent’s satisfaction with your services. It’s a great starter question as it’s straightforward and easy to answer, paving the way for more detailed questions later in the survey. The response to this question is used to tailor subsequent questions.

If the member is highly satisfied (rating above 3), they are asked what they like most about your services. This can provide valuable insights into what is working well and what to continue doing. Conversely, if the member’s satisfaction rating is 3 or below, they are asked to suggest improvements. This conditional branching allows you to gather actionable feedback based on the member’s experience.

The survey ends with a single-select question asking how likely they are to recommend your services to a friend or colleague. This question serves as a proxy for the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which is a key indicator of customer loyalty.

This template is designed to be easy to use and understand, but also powerful in the insights it can deliver. Remember to use the feedback gathered to make meaningful improvements to your services and continue to satisfy your members. Regularly conducting this survey will allow you to track changes in member satisfaction over time.

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