Product Feedback Survey

A dedicated survey to gather comprehensive feedback about a specific product, aiding in understanding user experience and potential improvements.

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About this template

The Product Feedback Survey is tailored to gather in-depth feedback from customers about a particular product. Such feedback is pivotal for businesses to continually refine and enhance their product offerings.

The initial section of the survey delves into the overall satisfaction level of the customer with the product, captured via a CSAT question. This gives a high-level understanding of the user’s experience.

Next, a Likert scale question is used to understand if the product aligns well with the user’s needs. This type of question is ideal for evaluating specific statements, allowing customers to provide nuanced feedback that goes beyond a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

The open-ended questions that follow enable customers to elaborate on their experiences, detailing what they love about the product and areas they feel could benefit from refinement. This rich qualitative feedback can be a treasure trove of insights for product development teams.

The survey wraps up with an NPS question, a powerful indicator of customer loyalty and a predictor of product advocacy. An invitation to a more detailed user study can also help companies gather even more granular insights.

How to get the best results with this template:

  • Make sure to adapt the survey to the specifics of your product. Some products might require more detailed or niche questions.

  • Analyse feedback periodically and make necessary adjustments to the product based on insights gained.

  • If many users express interest in a detailed user study, consider setting up a reward system or incentives to thank them for their time and insights.

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