Product Market Fit Survey

A tailored survey aimed at assessing the market viability and user satisfaction of your product.

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About this template

The Product Market Fit Survey is a strategically-crafted questionnaire designed to evaluate the market fit and user satisfaction levels for your product. In the competitive landscape of product development, understanding how well your product resonates with your customer base is crucial for long-term success.

The first question, ‘How would you feel if you could no longer use this product?’, is a pivotal single-select query aimed at assessing customer dependency on your product. The options range from ‘Very disappointed’ to ‘Not disappointed’, allowing you to gauge how integral your product is to the user’s life.

This initial question serves as a gateway to more targeted queries. For example, a conditional question about improvements is triggered for those who are less than ‘Very disappointed’. This allows you to capture valuable insights into what aspects of your product might require refinement.

Another important follow-up question focuses on the primary benefit the user derives from the product. This will help you understand what is working well and should be maintained or even enhanced.

How to get the best results with this template:

  • Distribute the survey after a reasonable period of product usage to ensure the feedback is informed and accurate.
  • Consider using this survey in conjunction with analytics data for a more comprehensive understanding.
  • Analyse the results periodically but especially after major updates, to understand shifts in user sentiment and priorities.

This survey is an effective tool for any product manager looking to gain actionable insights into their product’s market fit.

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