Product Satisfaction Survey

This survey aims to understand the satisfaction level of customers with our product, identify areas of improvement, and gain insights into the features they value most.

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About this template

The Product Satisfaction Survey is tailored to gauge the satisfaction level of customers with a product. It is paramount to continually understand how customers perceive a product, as it aids businesses in making informed decisions.

The initial CSAT question provides a holistic view of the customer’s satisfaction. This metric is crucial, as it’s a direct indicator of the product’s performance in the market.

Following the CSAT, open-ended questions dive deeper into the customer’s experience. These questions aim to understand what features the customers value most and where the product could improve. Such insights are invaluable, as they guide product development in alignment with customer preferences.

A conditional question then appears, only to those who gave a CSAT score of 3 or below, asking if they’ve encountered any issues. This is because users who are less satisfied are more likely to have faced problems. If they respond affirmatively, another question will prompt them to detail the issues faced, giving the company a clear idea of areas requiring immediate attention.

In crafting surveys, it’s essential to be concise yet thorough, ensuring the respondent doesn’t feel overwhelmed, but still provides the company with comprehensive feedback. Use this template to refine and tailor your product offerings to meet and exceed customer expectations.

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