Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey

This survey is designed to assess the level of satisfaction among key stakeholders in the project.

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About this template

This template is designed to gather feedback from stakeholders on their satisfaction with your collaboration. The survey begins with a Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) question (element 1), asking for a direct rating of their overall satisfaction. This question type allows for a quick snapshot of stakeholder sentiment.

Following the CSAT question, an optional text response (element 2) provides the respondent with the opportunity to explain their satisfaction rating, providing you with qualitative data to complement the quantitative CSAT score.

The next question (element 3) utilises the Net Promoter Score (NPS) system. This measures the willingness of stakeholders to recommend your company, providing a strong indicator of stakeholder satisfaction and loyalty.

The fourth question (element 4) is a ‘single-select’ question asking about the effectiveness of your communication. Depending on the response to this question, a conditional question (element 5) is activated, requesting further feedback only from those who feel communication could be improved. This use of conditional logic ensures that the survey remains relevant to the respondent’s experience, boosting engagement and completion rates.

The survey ends with a message (element 6) thanking stakeholders for their feedback, which helps to maintain a positive relationship. Please remember to review all feedback carefully and, where appropriate, incorporate it into your practices to enhance stakeholder satisfaction and the success of your collaborations.

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