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Launch stunning landing pages in the blink of an eye.

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Maximise your social reach by adding a link to your bio.

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Generate QR codes to connect with your customers.

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Make your links shorter, smarter, and more memorable.


Boost your online presence and reputation with reviews.


Collect testimonials and display them on your website.


Turn raw data into meaningful insights at scale.

Forms & Surveys

Choose from our library of one-click survey templates or create a custom questionnaire using our no-code form builder.

Landing Pages

Create customisable landing pages that make your business stand out for the right reasons.


Everything in one place: feedback, alerts, and insights. Collaborate with your team and use experience to drive growth.

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Surveys & Forms

Core features

No-code form builder

The easiest way to create online survey forms. Our intuitive form builder helps you easily create beautiful survey forms, feedback forms, quizzes, lead magnets and more. Our no-code approach makes building out any type of form a breeze!


Make forms that look like your business, not ours: The form-builder comes with dozens of theme options so you're not stuck with a generic template. Choose from a selection of form designs, customise your logo, colour scheme and styling. Finally, add your form questions and start collecting data – it’s that easy!

Question blocks

Question blocks make building your form simple, with no coding skills necessary. Create interactive surveys and forms using simple drag-and-drop question blocks to capture ratings, multiple choice options, text inputs, or even file uploads.

Logic engine

Your forms are built with beautiful, responsive templates. Easily add conditional logic to your forms so they react dynamically to answers you receive. With powerful branching options, you can create engaging and fun forms that people will love to fill out.

One-click templates

Net Promoter Score® Survey

NPS surveys are a simple and widely used method of measuring and predicting customer loyalty. High NPS scores are likely to correlate with increased repurchases and word-of-mouth referrals.

Customer Effort Score Survey

Customer Effort surveys measure the experience of engaging with a product or service. Customer Effort Scores show how much friction was required to use the product or service, and is a leading indicator for churn or renewal.

Smiley Faces

Smiley face surveys are a highly engaging and intuitive way to capture feedback from customers. These versatile surveys can be used to measure satisfaction, effort, and happiness of employees or customers.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer Satisfaction surveys measure how the products and services supplied by a business are meeting or surpass customer expectations. In competitive markets customer satisfaction can be a key differentiator.

Thumbs Up & Down

Thumbs up/down surveys are among the simplest of all. These surveys are great for measuring the effectiveness of a service, enabling the customer to easily provide negative feedback or criticism.

Star rating

5-star ratings are widely used in service industries, they are instantly recognisable, easily understood, and can lead to great engagement rates. The granular scale can lead to strong data capture and deeper insights.

Omni-channel distribution

Contactless tags

Provide your customers and employees with a safe, innovative, and engaging way to provide feedback about their experiences. Contactless boards use the latest technologies to deliver feedback surveys from any location.

QR codes

We supercharge standard QR codes with additional meta-data that enhances your surveys and provides deeper business insights.

Links are the most flexible way to distribute customer experience surveys. Links can be shared online, by text or email, and on any social channels that you're using.

Landing pages

Core features

No-code page builder

Building your new landing page takes less than 5 minutes, and requires no technical skills. You'll be amazed by what you can do!

Made for Mobile

Your landing page isn't just mobile-friendly, it's made for mobile. You can relax in the knowledge that it'll look great for every customer.

Integrated feedback forms

Create amazing landing pages that capture feedback, convert leads and increase sales. Our landing page builder has integrated forms built for conversion optimisation.


You can customise your landing pages to perfectly match your style. Simply upload your logo and tweak the colour scheme, our designers have done the hard work for you.

Designed by experts

Our expert designers have created a wide range of ready-to-use landing page designs, perfect for your business.


Core features

Smart insights

Intuitive dashboards don't just show you pretty graphs, they provide instant analysis of the data underlying your customer feedback to automatically surface trends and new insights.


The work doesn't stop when feedback is captured. TRACX provides all the tools needed to manage the process: assignment of tasks and voting, characterising sentiment (positive, negative or neutral), grouping comments by topics and notifications when tasks must be reassigned or commented on.

Real-time alerts

It's not realistic to believe that every experience will be perfect, but responding quickly to dissatisfied customers can transform them into your biggest fans. Get real-time alerts for every experience that matters.

Text analytics

Get insights from every piece of feedback to make better decisions, improve performance and delight your customers. TRACX builds your competitive advantage by analysing the sentiment to identify frustrations and help solve them before they become serious problems.

Search & archive

Stay on top of your feedback with full text search, topic and sentiment filtering, tagging, and archiving of irrelevant or expired data. Our feedback management platform will help you convert raw feedback into valuable business insights.

Email reports

A new way to view and share your feedback and insights: automated email reports and alerts give you complete insight at the click of a button. Share insights with stakeholders and help them make informed decisions – without wasting time writing reports!


Ensure that you have the latest insights at your fingertips, whatever device you're using. There's no need to download another app to access your data on the go, just log in and you're up to date.