CSAT Survey

A Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) survey focused on capturing immediate feedback on a customer's recent experience with a product or service.

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About this template

The CSAT Survey template has been meticulously crafted to capture immediate and direct feedback from customers regarding their interactions with a specific product or service. CSAT is a commonly employed metric that gauges short-term satisfaction by prompting users to rate their latest experience.

Starting with a broad CSAT question helps in setting the tone and context for the remaining survey. By offering conditional questions based on the CSAT score, customers who had a satisfactory experience can highlight what they appreciated, while those with a less favourable impression can provide constructive feedback.

The ‘product/service used’ question is vital as it assists businesses in segregating feedback for different offerings. The thumbs up/down query regarding customer support is a quick way to measure the efficacy and responsiveness of the support team.

How to get the best results with this template:

  • Tailor the product/service options to match your organisation’s offerings.

  • Deploy this survey immediately after a transaction or interaction for the most accurate and relevant feedback.

  • Regularly review responses to address areas of concern and celebrate successful implementations and improvements.

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