Customer Exit Survey

A comprehensive survey template designed to gather feedback from customers who have stopped using your products or services. The feedback collected will help you understand the reasons for customer churn and improve your offerings.

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About Customer Exit Survey Template

The Customer Exit Survey template is a powerful tool designed to help businesses understand why customers stop using their products or services. This survey is particularly crucial for businesses that are experiencing customer churn and want to improve their offerings and retain existing customers. The feedback collected can provide valuable insights into the customer’s experience, preferences, and reasons for discontinuation.

Customer Exit Survey Questions

The template starts with a friendly message, acknowledging the customer’s decision to stop using the product or service and expressing the desire to learn from their experience. This introduction sets a positive tone and encourages the customer to share their feedback.

The first question asks for the customer’s name. This question is mandatory, and it helps personalize the survey.

The second question enquires about the specific product or service the customer stopped using. This detail is necessary to understand the context of the feedback.

The third question is an NPS (Net Promoter Score) question, which measures the customer’s likelihood to recommend the product or service to others. This score provides an overall measure of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The fourth question asks for the reasons for discontinuation. This open-ended question allows the customer to express their feedback in their own words, providing rich qualitative data.

The survey ends with a thank you message, expressing appreciation for the customer’s time and feedback. This closure enhances the customer’s experience of the survey.

Remember, all questions in this template can be customised to better suit your specific needs. The aim is to gather as much actionable feedback as possible to help improve your products or services, and ultimately reduce customer churn.

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