Hotel Mystery Shop Survey

A detailed survey aimed at evaluating the service quality, facilities, and overall experience of a hotel from an undercover customer's perspective.

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About this template

The Hotel Mystery Shop Survey is tailored to gather in-depth feedback on a hotel’s service quality, ambiance, amenities, and overall experience. It’s crucial for hoteliers to consistently assess and refine their service offering to maintain high standards.

Starting with a visual assessment, the survey seeks a star-rating of the hotel’s exterior, making a first impression paramount. An efficient and courteous check-in process can significantly impact a guest’s experience, and thus, a descriptive assessment here is crucial.

Room quality remains at the heart of any hotel experience. Hence, a star-rating system ensures an unbiased and concise feedback mechanism.

Dining is often a significant part of the hotel experience, and this template acknowledges it with a conditional question. If a mystery shopper dines in, they are prompted to detail their experience, encompassing food quality, service, and ambiance.

Concluding with an overall CSAT score, this survey offers a holistic evaluation mechanism. The insights gathered can be pivotal in training staff, enhancing facilities, or refining operational protocols to ensure guests have a memorable stay.

Mystery shopping is a potent tool in the hospitality industry. By having individuals pose as regular customers, hotels can receive unbiased feedback and a clear perspective on areas of improvement. The provided responses can greatly assist management in identifying areas that need attention and streamline processes for future guests.

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