Windshield Survey

A qualitative observation tool used to capture the physical characteristics, services, resources, and conditions of a community or area while driving or walking through.

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About this template

The Windshield Survey serves as a foundational tool in the fields of community health and urban planning. By leveraging qualitative observations, professionals can gain an immediate sense of the state, conditions, and pulse of a given area or community.

Starting with the general appearance of homes and buildings provides a snapshot of the community’s socioeconomic status and infrastructure condition. This extends to public services, where their state of maintenance can reveal the level of governmental or institutional care.

Transportation facilities give insight into the community’s connectivity and the government’s commitment to infrastructure. While recreational facilities hint at the importance placed on community wellness and leisure activities.

Observing signs of decay and the state of businesses can further provide insights into economic challenges or opportunities. Lastly, noting the general population and cultural centers gives a cultural and sociological profile of the community.

In summary, this survey method, though observational, delivers rich insights, helping planners and health professionals make informed decisions for community betterment.

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