Client Survey

A structured survey to gather insightful feedback from clients about their experience and satisfaction with the services offered.

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About this template

The Client Survey is intricately crafted to procure feedback from clients about their experiences and satisfaction with the services or products they’ve utilised. Such feedback is pivotal for any organisation, as it can guide refinements, enhancements, and strategic decisions.

Commencing with a CSAT question allows businesses to obtain a snapshot of the client’s overall satisfaction. This is coupled with specific queries about the utilisation of multiple services, ensuring a nuanced understanding of the client’s journey.

One notable feature is the conditional question regarding standout services. This is displayed only to clients who’ve experienced multiple offerings, providing businesses with insights into their most impactful services or products.

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is incorporated to measure clients’ likelihood of endorsing the company to peers. This serves as an excellent barometer of overall client satisfaction and can correlate with business growth.

Lastly, the Likert scale question evaluates the team’s responsiveness—a key factor in any client-service provider relationship. Such feedback can inform training or operational adjustments.

How to get the best results with this template:

  • Tailor the survey to mirror your specific services or industry nuances.

  • Disseminate the survey at significant milestones or post-project completions.

  • Use feedback actively in strategic planning and team evaluations, ensuring clients’ voices directly shape the future trajectory of services.

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