Customer Health Score Survey

This survey is designed to evaluate the overall health and satisfaction of your customers, providing vital insights for improving customer experience and retention.

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About Customer Health Score Survey Template

The Customer Health Score Survey template is a valuable tool designed to evaluate the overall health and satisfaction of your customers. This survey provides vital insights that can help businesses improve their customer experience and retention strategies. Understanding your customer’s health score is essential in identifying potential issues, understanding customer needs, and creating a more effective customer journey.

Customer Health Score Survey Questions

The survey begins with a Net Promoter Score (NPS) question asking customers how likely they are to recommend the company’s services to others. This question is crucial as it provides an overall measure of customer loyalty and satisfaction. A high NPS score indicates that customers are happy with the services and are likely to recommend them, which can lead to increased customer retention and acquisition.

Next, the survey includes a Likert scale question where customers rate their agreement with various statements. These statements focus on the quality of the service, whether it meets their expectations, and if they believe it is worth the cost. This question is designed to gather more detailed insights into specific aspects of the customer experience.

Finally, the survey includes two open-ended text questions asking customers what they like most about the services and what improvements they would suggest. These questions allow for more detailed feedback and provide valuable insights into areas of strength and potential improvement.

Remember, all questions in this template can be customised to better suit your business needs. The key is to ask relevant and targeted questions that provide the insights you need to improve your customer experience and ultimately, your customer health score.

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