Restaurant Satisfaction Survey

This survey is designed to collect customer feedback about their dining experience in your restaurant.

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About this template

This Restaurant Satisfaction Survey is designed to gather valuable insights from customers about their dining experience. The questions selected for this survey are designed to provide a holistic view of the customer’s experience, covering both the food and the service they received.

The survey begins with a Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) question. This is a simple and widely recognised way of gauging customer satisfaction on a scale of smiley faces. The first question asks the customer to rate their overall dining experience. This question is required to help gather an overall sentiment score.

The next question asks the customer to describe the favourite part of their dining experience. This question is not mandatory and is a free-text response, designed to capture qualitative data and provide insights that may not be captured by more structured question types.

Next, two Likert scale questions are used to rate the quality of the food and the service. These scales are a reliable way to measure subjective experiences and are required to ensure that these critical aspects of the dining experience are captured for all respondents.

Lastly, a conditional text-area question is included to gather open-ended feedback on how the service could be improved. This question only appears if the customer’s overall experience was rated less than 3 on the CSAT scale. This conditionality is designed to target feedback collection where it can offer the most value.

The survey concludes with a message thanking the customer for their time and feedback. Overall, this survey is a powerful tool to understand customers’ perceptions of their dining experience and identify areas for improvement.

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