Yoga Studio Survey

A comprehensive survey designed to gather feedback on yoga studio experiences, including classes, instructors, and facilities.

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About this template

The Yoga Studio Survey is meticulously curated to capture feedback from attendees about their experience at your yoga studio. This feedback is critical for yoga studios aiming to refine their offerings and improve student satisfaction.

The frequency with which students attend classes can provide insights into their commitment and satisfaction levels. Regular attendees might have a deeper understanding of the studio’s strengths and areas needing improvement.

Feedback about instructors, being the face of your classes, is vital. A CSAT question is included to capture general satisfaction levels. However, the follow-up textarea allows for more personalised feedback on specific instructors, allowing you to identify star performers or areas of training need.

The ambiance of a yoga studio plays a crucial role in a student’s experience. Hence, a star-rating question has been added to evaluate the studio’s cleanliness and overall ambiance.

Lastly, the NPS question gives a clear picture of the studio’s overall perception among its attendees. It’s a powerful metric that gauges the likelihood of your students promoting your studio to others.

The open-ended question about future classes or workshops is a proactive approach to involve your community in your decision-making, ensuring that your offerings align with their preferences.

Remember: Honest feedback is a gift. Appreciating and acting on the feedback will lead to a more thriving and harmonious yoga community.

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